is the platform for publishing your ideas, shares + swaps and for sending your pages, pictures and messages to friends or members

sharing has a doubling effect
you can share everything, almost everything
what is YOUR idea you'd like to share

What is it you'd like to share with somebody else.....
How would you like to share it
You can swap things and cooperate here too

What is the difference to other networks?

swap and share platform and forum
messages from members go to individuals or friende or to all members
additional creative tools
News/blackboard is public, to be shared, to be linked and with many more
Internet-live cross-over possibilities at Meetup- and Meetlive-Pictic
Internet-messengers and -chats
room and tool booking system
event calendar with ways of linking, RSS and embedding
your own wiki page, if required
direct login at most of other social networks
topics and blogosphere
a neat start page showing all features and much more
put your idea right in here for the benefit of mankind
here login or registrier
or does a bit of music help to start off your ideas?
YOU and the Internet

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